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How to create common sized financial statements?

Common-size statements normalize balance sheets and income statements and allow the analyst to more easily compare performance across firms and for a single firm over time.            A vertical common-size balance sheet expresses all balance sheet accounts as a percentage of total assets.           A vertical common-size income […]

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LIFO Reserve Calculation

  The following read is about Lifo reserve calculation: U.S. GAAP require all companies that use LIFO to also report a LIFO reserve, which is the difference between what ending inventory would have been under FIFO accounting and its value under LIFO. If you add the LIFO reserve to the LIFO inventory, you will get the […]

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Inventory Methods

Three methods of inventory accounting are: 1. First In, First Out (FIFO): ·         The cost of inventory first acquired (beginning inventory and early purchases) is assigned to the cost of goods sold for the period. ·         The cost of the most recent purchases is assigned to ending inventory, 2. Last In, First Out (LIFO): ·         […]

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Inventory Accounting

The method used to account for inventory affects the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and related financial ratios. More importantly, since the choice of inventory method impact the taxes paid by the company it affects cash flows. Unlike depreciation methods, inventory accounting methods must be the same for taxes as for financial reporting. U.S. Generally […]

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